Conference Travel Support

Students presenting at conferences may apply for conference travel funds using the Travel Application Form.

Awards are granted at different levels according to the applicant’s degree program:

  1. PhD Students are eligible for up to $750 per year if presenting at a national or international conference.
  2. Masters Students are eligible for up to $500 per year if presenting at a national or international conference.
  3. For both group of students; if you are presenting at a local or statewide meeting, up to $250 of additional funding is available per year.

While these funds are not meant to cover all of the expenses associated with traveling to conferences, they are intended to make the trip more affordable.

The time period for travel support for Fiscal Year 2017 is .


  • The Travel must be approved before the trip is taken. If you apply after the trip, it WILL NOT be approved.
  • You must be enrolled in classes or research hours the semester you use the travel funds.
  • Apply as soon as you are aware that you will be presenting at a conference by providing a copy of the call for proposal and the notice of acceptance with the application form. You may apply for funds in the category that applies to you only once within this time period, however you can also apply for funds under number 3, if applicable.
  • The appropriate form must be completed and receipts received from you well before 60 days after the date the trip ends. If not, you will be taxed per IRS regulations if the fiscal staff do not have time to get it processed before the 60 days have elapsed. Therefore, be sure to send your documentation to Michelle Mueller as soon as you return from your trip which will avoid this issue.

Submission: Submit the travel application and additional supporting documentation to Michelle Mueller in the College of Education Central Fiscal Office at or 303 Townsend Hall. You may do this electronically or by paper copy. Notification of awards will be sent from her to you by email.

Contact: If you have questions before you go to the conference, please contact the College of Education Central Fiscal Office at or 573-884-6566.