LIS Faculty


Photo of Denice Adkins

Denice Adkins

Associate Professor

221L Townsend Hall
(573) 884-9804
Photo of Jason Alston

Jason Alston

Assistant Teaching Professor

122B Miller Nichols Library
Photo of Jenny Bossaller

Jenny Bossaller

Program Coordinator

221I Townsend Hall
(573) 882-9130
Photo of Beth Brendler

Beth Brendler

Assistant Teaching Professor

221D Townsend Hall
(573) 882-3910
Photo of Sarah Buchanan

Sarah Buchanan

Assistant Professor

221O Townsend Hall
(573) 884-9487
Photo of Twyla Gibson

Twyla Gibson

Assistant Professor

221K Townsend Hall
(573) 882-5981
Photo of Heather Moulaison Sandy

Heather Moulaison Sandy

Associate Professor

221E Townsend Hall
(573) 882-8323
Photo of Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson

Assistant Teaching Professor

303 Townsend Hall
(314) 516-5070

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Laura England-Biggs Photo

Laura England-Biggs

Nebraska LIS Program Liaison

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Photo of Amy Adam

Amy Adam

Student Services Coordinator

304 Townsend Hall (573) 884-1391
Photo of Megan Wilkinson

Megan Wilkinson

Student Services Specialist

221A Townsend Hall

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The LIS Advisory Council is made up of practicing librarians and information professionals from across Missouri and Nebraska. The purpose of the council is two-fold. They advise the LIS faculty regarding curriculum needs and hiring trends, providing guidance and correction when necessary. They also serve as spokespersons for the LIS program in Missouri and Nebraska, helping others to understand the program and what its strengths are. The Advisory Council currently has ten voting members, made up of representatives from a variety of library and information environments.


  • Mariann Amass — Librarian, Waynesville Middle School, Waynesville, MO
  • Susan Burton — Executive Director, Mid-America Library Alliance, Kansas City Metro
  • Margaret Conroy — Director, Daniel Boone Regional Library, Columbia MO
  • Kathy Hart — Director for Library Services and Operations, Northwest Missouri State University
  • Angela Knoerr — Academic Technology Liaison, University of Missouri
  • Steven Potter — Library Director and CEO, Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence, MO
  • Robin Westphal — State Librarian, Missouri State Library
  • Ann Campion Riley — Interim Director, MU Libraries
  • Dr. Stephanie Tolson — Dean of Learning Resources and Academic Support, St. Charles Community College
  • Levi Dolan — Library & Information Science Graduate Student Association President
  • Samuel Mueller — Distance Student Representative

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LIS students at MU come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and they bring those experiences to bear on their academics and professional careers. Many of our students have undergraduate degrees from the arts and humanities, and some come from computer science, engineering, and business administration. Some of our students have advanced graduate degrees. Most live in Missouri, Nebraska, or neighboring states and attend classes and activities in our five program sites (Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska). Some of our students live in other states and earn their degrees through online courses. There is no prototypical SISLT LIS student!

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Library and Information Science Graduate Student Association (LISGSA)

The purpose of LISGSA shall be to advance the academic, intellectual, social and professional interests of the Library and Information Science graduate students at the University of Missouri-Columbia. All graduate students enrolled in the Library Information Science program (LIS) shall automatically be members of LISGSA.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jenny Bossaller

President: Levi Dolan

American Society for Information Science & Technology Student Group (ASIS&T)

The American Society for Information Science & Technology is an organization devoted to research. The Student Chapter at the University of Missouri is a student organization meant to forge new paths in Information Science research at MU through collaborations among individuals in the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies. Like our national organization, we seek “to stimulate participation and interaction among its members by affording them an environment for substantive professional exchange”. This includes encouraging and supporting our members in their professional growth through opportunities and access to funding sources to attend conferences that will assist them in increasing their knowledge and skills in building professional networks, developing career opportunities and providing leadership roles.

President: Shann Bossaller

Beta Phi Mu, Psi Chapter

International Honor Society for Library and Information Science

Beta Phi Mu (BPM), the library and information studies honor society, was founded in August 1948 by a group of leading librarians and library educators to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement among library and information studies students.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Heather Moulaison Sandy at

SAA Student Chapter

Society of American Archivists at University of Missouri student chapter (SAAMUSC)

The Society of American Archivists at University of Missouri student chapter (SAAMUSC) builds a learning community for students interested in the archival profession. Established 2017, SAAMUSC supports the academic and professional development of graduate students interested in archives, special collections, records, and data management. Join our student chapter to interact with professional archivists, engage in professional activities in the Missouri region, and promote archival interests at University, school, and national meetings.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sarah Buchanan
President: Jennifer Walker
Twitter: @SAAMUSC