Finding Jobs

Hire MIZZOU Tigers: The University of Missouri provides an online job placement service at no cost to MU students. This is a new service that promises to be increasingly valuable. To find out more, visit the Hire MIZZOU Tigers website.

Career Center: The University of Missouri provides resources and services to all MU students. The staff at the Career Center can help you explore career options, develop job search strategies, building interview skills, and more:

Jobs Listserv: Many employers tell us about their job openings, and we distribute this information via our Jobs Listserv. These positions all fall under the broad umbrella of Information Science & Learning Technologies, are from across the country, and in extremely diverse contexts. If a job looks interesting (based on the work, the location, the organization, whatever), you should apply for it.

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Presenting Yourself

Once you find a job that looks interesting, the next step is to begin the application process. Most application processes involve the following phases. Check out the Tips & Techniques for each phase.

Educational Technology

Other Job Sites. Several professional organizations maintain websites listing jobs. Some of these organizations limit this service to members; others are open to the public. Here are a few that might be helpful in your job searching.