EdTech Faculty


Photo of Jane L. Howland

Jane L. Howland

Program Coordinator

221J Townsend Hall
(573) 882-6698
Photo of Isa Jahnke

Isa Jahnke

Associate Professor

221F Townsend Hall
(573) 884-1568
Photo of Aimee Klimczak

Aimee Klimczak

Assistant Teaching Professor

303 Townsend Hall
(573) 882-4546
Photo of Rose M. Marra

Rose M. Marra

Director and Professor

221M Townsend Hall
(573) 882-2877
Photo of Joi L. Moore

Joi L. Moore


221C Townsend Hall
(573) 884-2797
Photo of Johannes Strobel

Johannes Strobel


221B Townsend Hall
(573) 884-1571
Photo of Xinhao Xu

Xinhao Xu

Assistant Professor

221H Townsend Hall
(573) 882-9130

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Photo of Amy Adam

Amy Adam

Student Services Coordinator

304 Townsend Hall (573) 884-1391
Photo of Megan Wilkinson

Megan Wilkinson

Student Services Specialist

221A Townsend Hall