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Dr. Budd publishes a new book, congratulations!


Democracy, Economics, and the Public Good provides a critical examination of essential aspects of American life, reviewing democratic and economic theories and practices and providing examination of ideas of the public good.


SISLT Alum Amy Randazzo, Ferguson’s New Crowdfunded Librarian


Scott Bonner, director of the Ferguson Municipal Public Library hires Amy Randazzo to serve as its long-awaited children’s services librarian starting March 9th. Both Scott and Amy are alumni from MU’s Library and Information Science Program.






Ferguson Library Sees Flood of Donations After Unrest


SISLT’s Library and Information Science alum Scott Bonner, MA ’06, is the director of the Ferguson library and is featured in this NBC News story about the how the community has rallied together to support the library and the record donations that are coming in from people around the country.