Johannes Strobel

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221B Townsend Hall
(573) 884-1571
Curriculum Vitæ

Research Areas

  • Integrated STEM Education, particularly “E”ngineering and “T”echnology
  • Cyber-physical learning technologies such as 3D modeling/printing, additive manufacturing and design
  • Design, Development and Research on STEM toys, learning modules and teacher professional development






Cyber-physical Learning

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This project investigates the role of 3D printing and robotics on the learning process in STEAM subjects. From the mind to the digital to the creation/control of physical objects.
Online professional development of design, engineering and computer science. Research on how to facilitate teacher learning processes over distance and in online settings incorporating hands-on, problem-based learning
Empathy and care as essential trademarks and dispositions of STEM particularly Human Centered Design and engineering.
Inclusion, Access and Heterogeneity in technical fields: reducing stereotypes, inclusive design


Learning Laboratories

MU I.C.E. Lab

MU I.C.E. (Innovate/Create/Educate) LabThe MU I.C.E. (Innovate, Create, Educate) Lab is a Makerspace located in Townsend 101G in the Reflector (Computer Lab and Library) of Townsend Hall. This lab offers all students at MU hands on experience with 3D printing, Scanning, CNC routing, and the Makerspace culture. In lab, students are given the opportunity to see their creations and class projects come to life. By first teaching students how to use the 3D printers in lab, they are then challenged with creating designs and CAD drawings of their own to prototype on the printers.

At the moment, the lab houses two Afinia H800 printers, a Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer, a Carbide Nomad 883 CNC router, a computer to run the modeling programs, and countless past projects and prints to inspire the students.

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