Joe Griffin

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Curriculum Vitæ

Research Areas

  • Serious Game Design
  • Psychophysiology of Learning
  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Autonomous Mental Development

Academic Background

  • M. Ed. in Learning Technologies
  • B.A. in Computer Science

Learning Laboratories

Adroit Studios

Mission Hydro-Science Unit 4 Screenshot

Mission Hydro-Science Unit 4 Screenshot

Adroit Studios is an interdisciplinary team devoted to researching and developing video games. Working with our team can provide valuable project based experience for a wide range of skills and interests. The Design team leads brainstorms, writes documents, and works with curricular experts to envision the best possible game experience to accomplish each learning objective. Our Art team uses cutting edge software to make 3D models, 2D graphics, animations, and special effects; used to create our beautiful, exciting 3D worlds players will want to explore. The Development team uses Unity and Perforce, both industry standard technologies, to bring the worlds to life and create custom gameplay interactions. Once we have a playable demo, our Usability team conducts user testing collecting screen recordings, eye-tracking, psychophysiology measures, and interviews to get formative feedback for the game design and development. During the user testing, the Learning Analytics team gathers logs of user behaviors during gameplay, and uses machine learning algorithms to analyze them for patterns of success or patterns of players who need some kind of help. Also every project has a Curriculum team of subject matter experts to set learning objectives, design solutions, and review the curricular implementation to assure it has the impact we’re aiming for.

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