Denice Adkins

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221L Townsend Hall
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Research Areas

  • Latino/Hispanic Literacy Practices
  • Genre Fiction Readers and Their Motivations
  • Public Library Outreach to Underserved Populations

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Academic Background

  • Ph.D. from the University of Arizona, 2000, major in Information Resources and Library Science and minor in Language, Reading, and Culture.
  • Master of Library Science from the University of Arizona, 1994.
  • B.A. from the University of Arizona, 1992, in History.





Diversity Issues in Public Libraries

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Public libraries are accessible to entire communities, but individual populations have different and sometimes conflicting needs. Explore diversity management and diversity issues specific to public libraries, and how those issues can be communicated with library administrators, staff, and patrons.


Latinos, Libraries, and Information Use

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As Latino populations grow in the Midwest, and library use is one way of integrating those populations into the community. The information needs of Latino communities may be different from the information needs of non-Latino communities. Explore ways of making libraries and information provision more appropriate to diverse populations.


Libraries and Geographic Information Systems

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As place-bound institutions, libraries provide services to populations that are located in and around those buildings. Explore GIS technologies and how they can be integrated into library data planning.


Reader Advisory and Reading Appeal

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What makes a book a “good book”? Elements of appeal have been proposed, but have those elements of appeal been tested? Do they hold true for different generations? Different cultures? Different ages? Different reading formats like comics? Explore reading and reading research to help answer these questions.


School Libraries and Reading Performance

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A child’s first exposure to libraries is typically through their school library. Large data sets often allow us to connect school library use and academic performance through quantitative methods. Explore school performance and other data to make arguments based on policy and strategy.


School Libraries Supporting Student Mental Health

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This IMLS-grant funded project explores school libraries’ potential and capacity for supporting and providing mental health and mental health literacy in their communities.