Dr. Bryce Allen


Bryce Allen commented, "I'm interested in the ampersand."Dr. Bryce Allen joined the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT) in January 1996. He retired in 2001 and moved to Nova Scotia. Before his retirement, he conducted ground-breaking research on the cognitive aspects of information searching. Dr. Allen was recognized as an excellent instructor by his students and colleagues, winning the 2003 ALISE Award for Teaching Excellence in the field of Library and Information Science. Dr. Allen passed away on April 27, 2003.

During one of many meetings in which faculty from Library Science and faculty from Educational Technology struggled to find a suitable name for what became the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, Bryce Allen commented, “I’m interested in the ampersand.”

Now that he had the attention of all present, he went on to say, “I know the world of Information knows precious little about Learning, and I suspect the world of Learning could benefit from a better understanding of Information.”