SISLT Learning eXpeditions at Mizzou Awarded Grant for Game Design Project


LeXMizzou Team meeting

LeXMizzou Team

The Learning eXpeditions at Mizzou (LeXMizzou) team at the MU School of Information Science & Learning Technologies (SISLT) received an MU Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund 2016/2017 Award of $24,997 for their “Students as Game Designers for Learning eXpeditions at Mizzou: LeXMizzou” project. The project is led by SISLT professor Isa Jahnke.

The overall goal of the project is to help students become game designers for learning and understand how students design in a creative way that motivates learning.

LeXMizzou is a team of students and faculty members from SISLT and other departments dedicated to creating a new way of meaningful learning that goes beyond the classroom. These learning expeditions support the exploration and connection of topics and theoretical concepts with items, augmented information, and physical objects in the real world.

Through the project, students will use Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to design, develop, and test mobile application games based on a theme that is connected to learning at Mizzou. The theme can be related to a learning motive of their choice across disciplines including teacher education, arts, journalism, nursing, etc., or a personal learning experience they want to share, such as what it means be a student at Mizzou.

The project is anticipated to kickoff this spring with the selection of 25 students from an open call.

During the fall semester, students will be divided into teams and design games for learning using AR technologies like ARIS or GuidiGo.

At the end of the semester, a Mizzou Game Day will be held to showcase the games. Two teams will be recipients of either the People’s Choice or Expert Choice awards and win $500.

For more information, email, call (573) 884-2986, or visit