Game-Based 3D Virtual Learning Environment for Science Education


Investing in Innovation Fund grant to develop a Game-Based 3D Virtual Learning Environment for Science Education

Drs. James Laffey, Troy Sadler and Sean Goggins awarded Investing in Innovation Fund grant

Jim Laffey, Troy Sadler, Sean Goggins, and teamUniversity of Missouri School of Information Science and Learning Technologies Professors James Laffey and Sean Goggins in collaboration with Science Education Professor Troy Sadler have been awarded $2,780,000 from the U.S. Department of Educations i3 fund for their project: Distance Learning through Game-Based 3D Virtual Learning Environments: Mission Hydro Science (MHS). The MHS team seeks to design, develop and evaluate a game-based 3D virtual learning environment (3D VLE) for teaching and learning in blended or distance education. MHS targets middle school students in small and rural schools learning hydrologic systems and scientific argumentation. A four-cycle design and development process will include usability, usage, feasibility and pilot testing.

The project began January 1, 2015 with funding spread over 4 years. For the project University of Missouri’s College of Education will partner with Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS), Blended Schools Network, Missouri Partnership for Educational Renewal, Columbia Public Schools & Wright State University.