Donnelly College Library is offering a Library Services Practicum


Donnelly College Library is offering a Library Services Practicum opportunity for a graduate student enrolled in a Graduate School of Library and Information Science program for the Spring 2014 semester.

The practicum is a professional academic library field experience designed to provide the student with the opportunity to work in a professional environment under the supervision of the library director and gain practical experience in the areas of library services.

The student will be asked to complete tasks from the following list:

  • Observe and provide assistance with the development of online services
  • Observe Reference Desk functions and assist library patrons with reference questions
  • Create multi-media library tutorials
  • Learn to create library statistical reports, and provide assistance in their creation
  • Participate with library Web 2.0 services
  • Investigate emerging technologies and share findings with the library
  • Help inventory library holdings
  • Examine holdings and develop a collection development plans
    • Education (elementary with an emphasis on Urban Education)
    • Practical Nursing with an eye to a future Registered Nursing
    • Business
  • Other related tasks as needed

Interested students may contact Jane Ballagh de Tovar at

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