Research Opportunity: Librarians and Diversity


YOU: Future librarian who wants to do research.
+ ME: Current faculty member who has one too many projects on her plate.
= US: A great research team!

If you’re interested in learning about research, and (sadly) doing some of the grunt work, I invite you to contact me and set up a 9085 Problems in ISLT section. (These sections can be added at any time during the semester, but the work will probably start in November and go through next March.)

The project itself is “How Librarians Learn about Diversity,” which is kind of broad and needs to be narrowed down. There’s been research done on this, and we’d need to review the literature to see what previous research says. I also anticipate surveying and/or interviewing practicing librarians, possibly at ALA-Midwinter.

What do you get out of this? Experience doing research. Nothing else can be *guaranteed*, but other potential benefits are: a co-authored publication, the opportunity to present the results of the research to other librarians, and the opportunity to see why everyone complains about research but secretly loves it.

If you are interested, please email me at Thanks!!