Reminder! Do you want HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE? If so, consider taking ISLT 9410: Public Library Communities in Context!


Do you want HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE? Are you interested in applying your theoretical knowledge to a PRACTICAL project that benefits a REAL-WORLD situation? If so, consider taking ISLT 9410: Public Library Communities in Context!

Course Description: This hands-on course offers students real-world experience in conducting community analysis and building marketing plans for libraries. Students will work with a small public library in the State of Missouri, assisting them in understanding their community and building relationships with that community. Students will work closely with the library director to understand the library’s relationship with the community, will collect and analyze information about the community, and will ultimately make a presentation to the library’s director and board of trustees. This course is hybrid and will involve considerable time spent doing online research as well as three or four weekends in the library’s community.

You might be wondering, How is this course…

…REAL-WORLD? We’ll be working directly with the Joplin Public Library. We’ll be measuring the community’s feelings about the library, through a project we design in concert with the library director and library staff.

…HANDS-ON? While we’ll be doing most of our work online and via Blackboard, we’ll be making three trips to Joplin for field research and presentations. These trips will allow us to immerse ourselves in the environment and put ourselves in direct contact with the community.

…GOOD EXPERIENCE? You’ll work with library users/stakeholders, librarians, and library trustees. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with ideas, learning what works and what doesn’t for data collection and presentation, as we develop a larger picture of Joplin and the feelings of its residents toward its library.

The scheduled visits to Joplin are February 22–23, 2014; April 5–6, 2014; and May 2–4, 2014.

In order to maximize course effectiveness, course seats will be limited!

If you are interested, I recommend registering for this course sooner rather than later. An extremely tentative syllabus is available here: