Announcing a new course for the spring 2104 semester: Serious Game Design


9410 (12) Seminar: Designing Serious Games

Serious games (SG) refers to the use of gaming in digital worlds (2D and 3D) for purposes in addition to entertainment. Serious games should be fun and engaging but also have a “serious” purpose. Serious games can be applied to a broad spectrum of application areas, e.g. educational, military, government, corporate, healthcare. Serious games offer advantages in these application areas of allowing learners to experience situations that are impossible in the real world for reasons of safety, cost and time. Serious games can also be designed to be playful and fun thus encouraging and sustaining engagement through intrinsic motivation. Video games are becoming ever more prevalent in society and the advancing technologies for networking, mobility, graphic representation, interactivity and game engines as well as the lore of game design offer potential to harness these dynamic forces for serious purposes. In addition, while the work of game design and development is hard, lengthy, requires multiple talents and is often expensive, it is also fun and engaging and a venue where creativity may be profitable!

Through the use of readings, examples, activities, and discussions students will develop an understanding of SGD and develop design competencies. Through a class project of designing an SG each class member will test and improve their knowledge about SGD and their design competencies for gaming and learning through games.
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