Volunteer opportunity for LIS students…..


Hey, SISLT students —

Here’s a volunteer opportunity that could be really interesting! The Missouri Masonic Research Library is just opening and would be interested in having LIS students as volunteers. Because the library is still new, there are many opportunities here for you.

If you’re interested, please contact John Hess, library manager. His contact information is below.

If you are interested and would also like to earn class credit, talk to your advisor about a potential ISLT 9085 Problems in ISLT class.



Good morning,

My name is John Hess, I am the acting manager of the new Missouri Masonic Research Library located at the Masonic Grand Lodge Complex in Columbia MO. We opened our library last September to accompany our Masonic Museum that was opened in 2007. We have a collection of approximately 10,000 books dating from the 1600’s to present day printing. We would like to invite LIS student volunteers to assist us with library development. Our library and museum is strictly voluntary.

President Harry Truman was one of the founders and supporters of the Missouri Lodge of Research who’s goal the establishment of a Masonic library.  His grandson, Clifton Truman Daniels was present in Columbia last fall when we dedicated the new library space.

We are using the PastPerfect software program to catalogue our collection.

Any assistance you could give to develop our library as a resource for Missouri History and research would be appreciated.


John W Hess
Past Grand Master
Librarian, Missouri Masonic Research Library