Is a User Experience Librarian in Your Future?


If yes, make sure to register for ISLT 9410 Section 8, Usability of Information Systems and Services, offered 100% online this Fall!

If you are not sure what user experience librarians do, please check the following two links:

A brief course description is provided below. I’ll be happy to respond to any questions you may have. I am looking forward to having you in this course!

Dr. E.

Usability of Information Systems and Services

ISLT 9410 Section 08 — Seminar in Information Science and Learning Technologies
Class Registration Number: 20099
Format: 100% online
Course level: Graduate, from all disciplines
Instructor: Dr. Sanda Erdelez, SISLT Professor
Graduate Assistant: Josipa Basic, SISLT PhD Student and IE Lab Research Assistant

The course focuses on usability of web-based information systems and its place within information system development lifecycle, requirements gathering and analysis, and both remote and in person user testing. The students will be exposed to the key techniques (heuristic evaluation, persona development, focus group, task analysis, think-aloud) for formative and summative usability evaluation of web-based applications on computer interfaces, tablets, and smartphones. Students will gain necessary skills to identify usability problem, choose appropriate usability method and metrics to investigate the usability problem, select and recruit test participants, set up and conduct data collection, analyze data, write a report and present findings. Because usability of web-based information systems is essential to success of all types of organizations, from libraries, to schools and hospitals, this course will enrich your skill set for a wide range of career options. Upon successful completion of this course students could also become engaged in various usability evaluation projects conducted by SISLT Information Experience Laboratory ( as these become available.

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