Fall 2013 Comprehensive Exam


Hello Library Science Students,

Fall 2013 Comps Week has been scheduled for Saturday, October 19 through Sunday, October 27.  If you plan on graduating and/or taking comps in the summer and have not yet notified the Student Coordinator’s office, please do so at your earliest convenience so we can add you to the list (note: if you indicated a Fall 2013 graduation date on your program of study, that counts as notification and you do not need to notify us again). We will also be sending additional details regarding the comps process via regular mail in the coming weeks, including a comps intent form that will need to be returned to the Student Services office.

As with the Summer 2013 semester, we will not be holding a “real time” pre-comps meeting via WIMBA as we have in the past.  In its place the comps committee will be creating a set of discussion threads within Blackboard, the purpose of which is to create an environment for information exchange between the comps faculty and the student preparing for comps.

On Friday, August 23rd we will be loading the hints and some suggested readings for each of the four comps sections into the Fall 2013 Comps Blackboard site.  Instructors will then respond to questions students might have as they begin their preparations for comps. Again, there will be no WIMBA broadcast, but instead we will move to an asynchronous format to support students preparing for the Comprehensive Exam.  There are no requirements for participation, this is an effort to support your preparations.  We look forward to your successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you will not be enrolled in any coursework during the semester in which you take comps, it is Graduate School policy that you must enroll in Graduate Examination credit. You will find this information in MyZou under the heading “Miscellaneous.” It is called “Graduate Examination.”, and it is course number 8999. It is not worth credit, but officially enrolls Master’s students who have finished their course work at the university so that they are eligible to take comps.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Amy Adam, Student Services Coordinator
MU School of Information Science & Learning Technologies
304 Townsend Hall
Columbia, MO 65211