Library and Information Science

Library and Information Science Master’s ProgramThe Library and Information Science program is the only Master’s Degree in the state of Missouri to be fully accredited by the American Library Association. Upon successful completion of the 42-hour program of study (39 credit hours for students admitted for Fall 2014 and later), you will receive a Master of Arts in Information Science & Learning Technologies with an Emphasis in Library Science.

We use several different course structures to provide you with the broadest and most instructionally-appropriate class opportunities.

  • Face-to-face classes, giving you the opportunity to meet classmates and future colleagues.
  • Online asynchronous classes, allowing you to participate any time, anywhere.
  • Online synchronous classes, scheduled at fixed times to allow online, real-time interaction without the drive time.
  • Hybrid classes, combining face-to-face and online instruction.

We are currently updating the program page, but you can review the program website at:
Please contact Dr. Sanda Erdelez, Program Chair, for current information.