Learning Technologies Course Rotation

This is a typical representation of Learning Technologies course offerings as of Fall 2018.

  • X = full semester
  • A = 1st 8 week (1st 4 week in summer)
  • B = 2nd 8 week (2nd 4 week in summer)
Course Name Fall Semester
16 week
Fall Semester
8 week
Spring Semester
16 week
Spring Semester
8 week
Summer Session
4384/7384 Designing Games for Learning X        
4099/7099 Making and Education X   X    
4310/7310 Grant Writing 101 (1 cr hr)         X
4310/7310 Microlearning (1 cr hr)       X-A X
4356/7356 Interactive Web Design with Javascript X        
4360 Introduction to Web Development   X-A
7360 Introduction to Web Development   X-A
4361/7361 Introduction to Digital Media X   X   X
4370/7370 Intermediate Web Development X     X-B X
4310/7310 Exploring Schoology (1 cr hr)   X-A     X
4372/7372 Exploring CourseSites (1 cr hr)       X-A X
4373/7373 Exploring Moodle (1 cr hr)   X-B   X-B X
4374/7374 Exploring Canvas (1 cr hr)   X-B   X-B X
4375/7375 Mobile Web App Development     X    
4383/7383: Rapid Development Tools for Online Learning X        
7366 Technology Leadership X        
7378 E Portfolio Development   X-A   X-A X
9417 Action Research       X-A X
9440 Learning with Web-based Technologies   X-B   X-B  
9450 Introduction to Research in ISLT X   X    
9455 Formative and Summative Evaluation     X    
9410 Social Computing and Learning X        
9457 Designing Computer Support for Cooperative Work     X    
9458 Technology and Assessment       X-B  
9461 Interaction Design X        
9466 Learning Analytics     X    
9467 Technology to Enhance Learning   X-B   X-A X
9471 Instructional System Design X   X    
9473 Project Management     X    
9474 Front End Analysis X        
9483 Capstone: Online Educator (1 cr hr) X   X    
9484 Teaching Online Courses   X-A     X
9485 Designing Online Learning X   X    
4467 Technology to Enhance Learning (Undergraduate teacher education students only)   X–A&B   X–A&B X