Rose M. Marra

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Director and Professor

221M Townsend Hall
(573) 882-2877
Curriculum Vitæ

Research Areas

  • Assessment and Evaluation of Educational Change
  • Epistemological Implications of Learning Technologies
  • Gender Equity in Engineering and Science Education

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. from the University of Colorado-Denver, 1996
  • M.S. from the University of Kansas-Lawrence, 1986, in Computer Science
  • B.S. from Rockhurst College-Kansas City, MO, 1984, in Computer Science
  • Undergraduate Liberal Arts Course Work at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, MO, 1979–1981


CowGames — A Simulation Tool for Animal Sciences

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CowGames is a beef cattle breeding simulation designed for use in undergraduate Animal Breeding and Genetics courses. It is designed to illustrate long-term breeding principles and effects; something that takes years in real life. The simulation features several production relevant traits as well as current genetic technologies that allows students to select, breed, evaluate and market virtual animals. The simulation was tested this past fall in courses at Mizzou and Michigan State University. Dr. Marra is working with PhD student Maria Haag to study the effect of different types of scaffolding within the simulation to support learning.


Problem based learning environments — particularly in STEM disciplines

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Dr. Marra just received an NSF grant to study metacognition development in engineering students at the PBL Iron Range Engineering Program. Dr. Marra is actively seeking to hire a GA to help with data collection and analysis for this project.
Design, implementation and research of tools used to support meaningful collaboration in online settings. Dr. Marra was PI of the NSF funded SCEE (Supporting Collaboration in Engineering Education) where she created and researched tools to support online and asynchronous collaboration for engineering problem solving. Dr. Marra is currently working with colleagues to extend and refine this idea for supporting “kitchen” science labs in online K-12 science learning in the context of the MIZZOU K-12 Online High School.


Supporting Collaboration in Engineering Education (SCEE)

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SCEE will develop an online, customizable environment — the Engineering Education Collaboration Environment — in which students will manage and implement collaborative activities associated with engineering design projects. The project will include dissemination, testing and research in several engineering classrooms at multiple institutions.