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Research Areas

  • Learning Technologies
  • Didaktik Design / Digital Didactical Design
  • CrossActionSpaces
  • Human-Centered Computing
  • User Experience Studies


NSF grant for Co-PI Isa Jahnke and IE lab


The team of PI Prasad Calyam (MU Computer Science), Co-PI Trupti Joshi (MU Health Management and Informatics), Co-PI Isa Jahnke (SISLT), Co-PI Tim Middelkoop (MU Computing Infrastructure) and Co-PI Saptarshi Debroy (City University New York) investigates data security. The project aims to augment campus cyberinfrastructure for data-intensive science applications (e.g., bioinformatics, chemistry) to improve data More…




Digital Didactical Designs

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Are you interested in studying the relation of teachers’ designs for student deep learning and student outcomes tablet classrooms? Digital Didactical Design (DDD) is an approach for researchers and teachers to analyze the use of web-enabled mobile technology. We use the five-layer DDD-model (Jahnke, 2015) for studying the designs. The model relates the teacher design to student learning as well as outcomes and student products created with different technology. We explores how teachers do design for learning; are there innovative forms of pedagogies? We are looking at the sociotechnical-pedagogical processes. The project helps teachers to reflect and to develop their designs for student deep learning “with” technologies.


Information Experience Laboratory

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Laboratory and enterprise for research, teaching and service in technology usability.


Sociotechnical Design

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The Information Experience Lab adopts a SocioTechnical Design approach to integrate user experience in technical designs, for example, usability testing. Newest trends illustrate a need for usability testing for small devices and applications for wearables. The IELab is striving towards new usability methods for such new flexible devices. In addition, there is a need to rethink existing usability methods for new groups of users such as smart city applications, preschoolers and English language learners.


Towards Cross-action Spaces

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There is no thing called ‘distance learning.’ We learn when we are present. It is distance teaching. Also, the term of blended learning is crucial. What do we really blend? Thus, what happens when online and offline worlds are merging? Human behavior turns from inter-action to cross-action. Which kinds of designs for learning are needed under those new conditions? That is what we study. We argue we need reflective cross-actions in learning expeditions.



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Do you want to work with newest technologies such as smart glasses and wearables, and want to know how to ‘design for sociotechnical learning’? Then, join our SISLT team and our LexMizzou project where we create collaborative learning expeditions for new students on Mizzou Campus.


Learning Laboratories

Information Experience Laboratory

IE Lab Training WorkshopThe Information Experience Laboratory (IE Lab) is a learning laboratory and enterprise for research, teaching and service in technology usability. Here you’ll receive hands-on training conducting usability studies in real-world settings as our faculty and student practitioners share their knowledge and experiences.

Our workshops deal with the “big picture” of usability and its importance in our lives, while our usability and design courses provide a detailed study of usability and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). We cover a variety of usability methods including Think Aloud, Task Analysis and Information Horizons. You’ll learn how to design your own studies and get hands-on training with usability software.

Full-day workshops, usability focused courses, and internship opportunities are a few of the things that make the midwest’s only usability laboratory the place to expand your knowledge of usability and human centered design.

Visit the IE Lab website or contact via email at or phone at (573) 884-2986 for more information.