Our graduates are leading departments at Amazon, Google, and other top companies; working in security and design for the government, as well as teaching and leading research at national and international universities. 


Library Science

We are proud to have the only American Library Association accredited masters program in the state of Missouri, educating students who go on to work for libraries across the Midwest and beyond. But a librarian is not the only career that a LIS Masters opens the door to. 

When we conducted an internal survey of graduates in Spring of 2016, we found that only 36% of responders chose a career as a public librarian. 36% are using their library degrees to work as archivists, heads of collections, and education specialists in academia. 20% of respondents are working curators, information specialists, system administrators as well as in communications and sales for both corporations and the government. 

Other graduates have chosen to work in the school systems as education specialists and in school media centers. With our AECT endorsed e-learning certificate we are giving educators the chance to further their knowledge for the ever growing field of online learning. This certificate can help recipients advance their careers in education, health care, museum curation, and in any job where online learning is a key component.  


Educational Technology

Alumni of our Educational Technology program work in user experience, instructional design, web development, and information architecture at companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Scholastic, Walmart, and the Sheraton Hotel Group. Many of our graduates also work in academia and the public school system as educators, administrators, and consultants. Currently, graduates are on faculty at institutions such as Cornell University, Tamkang University, and Indiana University.


PhD, Information Science & Learning Technologies

With a PhD from SISLT, 61% of our graduates have become professors including 3 of our faculty members. Another 17% work in education administration and instructional design. And 3% have taken their knowledge to the “field” with work in public education administration. 

In addition to academia, 20% of polled PhD recipients have gone on to work in the corporate field for companies such as Amazon and Allied Health.  SISLT graduates are currently working in usability, instructional design, risk assessment, and digital curation both domestically and internationally.