Student Spotlight: Jodi Page, M.Ed. candidate (‘18)


Photo of Jodi Page

Photo of Jodi Page; courtesy of Jodi Page.

Jodi Page is pursuing a Master of Education in Information Science and Learning Technology with an emphasis in educational technology and an online educator certificate. Her expected graduation date is December 2018.

Page works at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida this time as a System Analyst for their Cerner CPOE team.

We checked in with her to learn why she chose SISLT, how her experience is going, and why she believes our programs are “second to none.”

Why did you select to attend SISLT?

Coming from a nursing background, many suggested I should go the Nursing Informatics route, but I knew my heart was in the education side of technology. I have been teaching technology to staff and students longer than I was at the bedside caring for kids in pediatric nursing. I knew my love and passion was to learn more about developing (coding) fun and interactive learning tools, as well as how and why to make the design in a way that makes sense.

SISLT was the only school I found that gave me the best of both loves— learning about education design and developing tools for learning. When Dr. Howland and Dr. Klimczak reached out to say they changed the GRE requirement, I knew I had to apply. My undergraduate degree GPA was lower than requirements, but Dr. Klimczak encouraged me to apply and as long as my grades didn’t fall below a C I would be allowed to stay in the program.

What have you appreciated most about your experience at SISLT, so far?

Even though I am 100% online distance, I love the community feel to all my courses. The professors are really down to earth, approachable, and encouraging. When I have questions about anything– from planning my program, to registering, textbooks, scholarship applications, and beyond, everyone is helpful. If I ask something that should to be directed to another department, they immediately put me in contact with the right people. It feels like a family supporting me through the program.

What impact has SISLT had on your life and/or goals of attaining an advanced degree in the information science or learning technologies fields?

Before enrolling in the MU ISLT program, I taught technology courses to staff where I worked. I often “knew” what was right and made sense, but now, having completed all the courses, I know why the choices I was making for instructional design were the right ones.

I have learned about the research behind my “feelings” about what was the right way to do things. I plan to continue to use the knowledge I have gained and design instruction to benefit others.

My hope is to teach online and impact the next generation. Mostly, the impact has been on my life as a single mom, where my preschool daughter watches me work full-time, complete schoolwork (almost nightly) and be a better person for it. She’s learning that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

What advice would you give prospective students who are considering a SISLT programs?

Go for it! The program is taught by very knowledgeable and often published professors, who understand that life occurs. Its courses allow you to use your everyday world to learn from and share with others. You gain knowledge in designing instruction and educational courses, along with developing the courses with HTML or CSS or JQuery. A SISLT education is second to none and combines the best of both worlds, in my opinion. I have enjoyed each moment of my adventure, not that it hasn’t been hard work, but work that can never be taken away from me either.